Top Priority
Safety is a top priority in Vogel Mechanical, Inc.’s employee selection and job execution. Our comprehensive safety training includes: new employee orientation, mandatory drug testing, competency certifications, OSHA compliance, and ongoing safety education. Crews are required to hold OSHA 30 Safety certifications and are equipped with the proper tools and personal protective gear to guarantee maximum levels of continual safety. Job specific safety plans and enforcement systems are proactive in keeping safety on the forefront of all your projects.

Reduced Risk
Our vigorous commitment to safety protocol stands side by side with our core values of Craftsmanship, Comradery, and Caring. Your risk is reduced as we help maintain the highest standards of safety protocol on your project site. People, property, and bottom lines are protected as we work together to ensure a safe working environment for all involved.

Extra Step – The Sixth Sense
Police officers call it “blue sense”, a heightened intuition about impending danger. Others might simply say, “Trust Your Gut”. At Vogel Mechanical, Inc. we encourage every employee to add this intuitive recognition to his or her “Safety Tool Box”. It surfaces when being fully engaged and acutely attentive. While you may not be able to measure it with raw data or a florescent color, we believe it’s vital in promoting a safety conscious culture.