Ongoing community involvement and responsible stewardship, are additional values important to our family owned business.

Vogel Mechanical, Inc. supports events and programs that encourage excellence, create enjoyment, help a need, or protect our natural resources. Sponsorships include youth sports teams, U.S. National Ballroom Dance Champions, and elementary school extra-curricular programs. Donations support the Special Olympics, community distribution of fire safety materials, operations of an underprivileged children’s home, women’s shelters, youth mentoring programs, ocean conservation, MS research, and many other benefits and charities.

Our philosophy is present in our daily operations. As a small business we strive to create and preserve jobs with competitive wages, superior working conditions, and a diverse work force. We contribute to our local economy by buying from other local, small businesses and beleive purchasing Made in America products is a priority even if it comes with a higher price tag. We are proud to continue making these strides to support our country’s economic development.

Furthermore, Vogel Mechanical, Inc. promotes responsible citizenship among our staff making it easy to vote by allowing employees to go to the polls during paid work hours.